Are you stuck in old habits? Are you impatient with progress? Do you avoid commitment to the
process of transformation?
Do you put unnecessary pressure
and expectations on yourself?
Are you struggling to find your
spiritual and energetic gifts?
Where you are now
is not hopeless.

About the Soul Awakening Program (SAP)

The Soul Awakening Program (SAP) is an intense, transformative coaching platform that is uniquely tailored to the individual looking to harness, embrace, and enhance their spiritual and energetic gifts.

I work exclusively with women who are ready to reclaim their power and live their authentic radical truth taking action for lasting permanent change.

In my experience transformation starts from within through a deeper understanding of one's self. I had to unravel the trauma and attachments from my past to expand into my highest potential because I was reliving the emotional pain of past events causing unnecessary suffering. These memories became the story I told myself, and those beliefs kept me from standing unwaveringly in my personal power.

Since the moment I became a conscious creator I now see that life happens for me, not to me and this heightened awareness is a golden opportunity for expansion.  I had to do a lot of soul searching to find the strength to move through to the acceptance and feeling blessed phase I now embody, but my unraveling birthed the Soul Awakening Program so I can gently guide you through your Dark Knight.

I now have the stability and freedom to guide compassionately and worry-free in my life that it gifts me the inspiration of coaching others where they are in their soul awakening.  Through this twelve-session intensive program, I will be the light in the dark that gently guides you to your inner north star where you re-spark your internal flame.  We co-create a new reality built on a stronger emotional and spiritual foundation, where you will empower your inner-confidence and rebel spirit.

Are you ready to reclaim your power?

Be, Do, & Have Whatever You Want

When we follow inner guidance from and what is for our highest good, we can easily transition towards greater prosperity and personal empowerment. When you are following the guidance of your higher self, aligning your beliefs with your desires, and activating your energy, you can easily step into greater levels of prosperity and personal empowerment so that you can be, do, and have whatever you want.


In the Soul Awakening Program (SAP) I use intuitive insight to uncover, develop, and cultivate the best version of your Higher Self as well as the Super-Conscious Collective (All That Is). The answers you seek are already inside you. Together we work directly with Spirit to accelerate your healing and expansion process. You will experience a beautiful shift into flow and reach greater levels of personal success, spiritual connection, as well as a new passion for living.

What does an empowered YOU look like?

What is The Soul Awakening Program?

The Soul Awakening Program (SAP) is a hybrid of two powerful services that I offer: empowerment coaching and shamanic energy healing. I also use the language of color to interpret your individual energetic story.

With personalized one on one coaching, we will examine where you feel out of sync, stuck, or blocked in your life. With my gifts as an empath, psychic, and intuitive energy healer, I offer unique insight and perspective into where you may be stuck or holding onto limiting beliefs that are no longer in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Together we will uncover and cultivate your spiritual and energetic power, aligning your passion, goals, and inherit gifts which will deliver lasting transformation and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

The Soul Awakening Program consists of 12 sessions which are held over four or six months. We will segment these sessions into four phases of personal development:

  • Phase I – Journey to the Shadow Self
  • Phase II – Journey to the Sacred Womb
  • Phase III – Integrating Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Phase IV – foundational support for Energy Management and Embodiment of your new found power

Have you discovered your soul’s purpose?

We explore through a process of self-discovery to uncover what you are currently struggling with and what your biggest challenges are to creating a more full-filled life in this moment. Together we use a conscious choice of positive words, clear visualization, and connect deeply with our emotions to bring about lasting transformation.   While the benefits of the Soul Awakening Program look different for everyone, my soul clients experience:

  • Trust in oneself
  • Strength in self-empowerment
  • Confidence and clarity in purpose
  • Positive, lasting transformation
  • Connection with Higher Self and Inner Guidance
  • Integration with the sacred womb
  • Healing of sexual and/or childhood trauma
  • A sense of peace and contentment
  • Better overall health and wellness
  • Greater attention to self-love and care
  • Improvement in personal relationships
  • Growth in career trajectory, finances, and more

Every SAP client walks away with a deeper, more intimate and trusting relationship with themselves. I help you create the foundational building blocks you need for lasting transformation that leaves you feeling empowered and victorious.

Are you ready to tackle life’s challenges gracefully and effortlessly? I can help!

What you can expect

I am a soul and energy concierge, healer, truth seeker, transmuter and so much more. I will not only illuminate and interpret whatever it is that needs attention (from your lightest to darkest aspects) but will guide you, your soul, and energy towards its true path and purpose as well as its highest limits (or lack thereof).

As the needs of each soul vary, the coaching modalities I implement during our sessions will be customized to your needs at that moment.

Here are some modalities and tools I commonly use when working with my soul clients:

  • Shadow work
  • Energy integrations to promote self-healing
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Chakra realignment
  • Ceremonial rites of passage
  • Lifestyle and empowerment tools and techniques
  • Attunements and meditations
  • Intuitive art
  • Lifestyle / Health & Wellness detox
  • Weekly homework
  • Inner Child journeying
  • Communication with the higher self,
  • Retrospective reflection of life
  • Generational chain work

One of the first questions I always ask is, “What does success look like to you?” The SAP coaching platform is tailored to align your personal and professional goals with a life that is more spiritually and energetically awakened.

If you are feeling stuck and frustrated with a lack of fulfillment, we work together to understand what motivates you on a soul level. This process includes reprogramming the subconscious to avoid repetitive patterns from the past that no longer serve your highest good as well as learning to trust your intuition as your greatest ally.

Remember, what got you to where you are, might be the very thing holding you back.

The Soul Awakening Coaching (SAP) Program Breakdown

The Soul Awakening Program includes 12 sessions which are held over four or six months, depending on how aggressive you want to be in your transformation. During this time, you’ll have unlimited access to me through email support as well as Facebook Messenger, and I always do my best to get back to clients within 24 hours (except for holidays or scheduled vacations)

Free Gift: Unlimited Access to Omni Empowerment

Every Soul Awakening Coaching client will receive a complimentary subscription to Omni Empowerment for the entire length of their time in the SAP program.

Omni Empowerment is my private Facebook group that is all about transformation, growth, and empowerment and includes live video, empowerment tips, and techniques, thought leader presentations, workshops, and much more.

I’ve loved my experience in the Omni Empowerment group!! There are so many groups out there, and it can get overwhelming, but I’ve remained invested and satisfied with OE from day one! I have gained so much from this group, including tools for my spiritual journey, knowledge about myself and my path, etc. And what I’ve loved the most is the community feel we have and the support that all of us give by holding space for those willing to step up for themselves and be authentically vulnerable. There’s nothing more empowering than that! I’m so grateful that I’ve found this group of beautiful souls

— Shelby Nicole Lane

I am hesitant to write this because I don’t think I could do it justice. Omni empowerment has been EVERYTHING. it has incredibly enhanced my journey, It has kept me HONEST. it has been my journal on the go. Omni empowerment encouraged me to journal more because it’s much more “natural” for us to post a post than to sit down and journal. To me journaling is something I hold ͏way too much pressure over – so instead I’d write a post about my dreams, spiritual work, or even how I’m feeling that day. And the energy exchange from journaling (posting) in the group is a gift in its self. You feel understood and heard far before any comments or reactions. The group is actually a tribe. Everyone in there is aligned in path. It’s hard to describe, having a home over the internet. This group was the first place I drew cards for people. I have shared lots of raw moments and have read/seen even more. That authentic exchange is priceless. The encouragement and acceptance is priceless. It lights a fire under you when you find a space like this.

— Jaclyn Leona Bell

I just want to say that it’s been a real privilege to be a part of the Omni Empowerment Group on Facebook! Here I have been able to grow internally and I have been able to explore myself in a safe environment. I have felt valued and not judged for what I bring from my souls journey I’ve experienced. Everyone here has something to share which is empowering and up lifting for growth and expansion. I feel honoured to be a part of Omni Empowerment an I am grateful for the new friends I have made within this group.

— Katie Howard

Phase I - Discovery

Phase I - Journey to Your Golden Shadow - Soul Awakening Program

To begin our coaching sessions, we dig deep to uncover what it is that is holding you back from embracing and achieving your soul’s purpose.

This phase is all about getting to know you, inside and out. Phase I includes,

  • One 90-minute kickoff session / energy assessment to establish a framework of where you are and where you want to be.
  • A mini-energy drawing that helps paint a picture of where you are energetically on a conscious and subconscious level.
  • Three 70-minute deep dive sessions combined with energy work or healing

Phase II - Innate Wisdom

Phase II - Journey to the Sacred Womb - Soul Awakening Program

Phase II will focus on how to harness the power of your intuition.

  • You will learn how to trust intuition to bring peace and harmony to your inner world. We will be shifting your mindset and setting new goals which will empower you to manifest what it is you need most in life.
  • Our focus will be on establishing better overall health and wellness and solidifying a higher level of awareness of your inner and outer world.
  • You will receive four 70-minute empowerment sessions as well as unlimited access to me over email.

Phase III - Rebirth

Phase III - Integrating Your Soul's Purpose - Soul Awakening Program

Phase III will focus on the rebirthing process and creating your new outlook in a healthy way that will promote lasting change. This phase digs in deep to explore your spiritual gifts and life purpose.

  • We will focus on Soul work, guided meditations, energy healing and more, helping to identify and realize your inherit Spiritual gifts.
  • You will learn how to reprogram your subconscious, how to trust your intuition and take powerful consistent and accountable action each week.
  • Each session will be a 70-minute empowerment session, and you will have unlimited access to me over email and Facebook messenger.

Phase IV - Embodiment

Phase IV - Foundation Support & Energy Management - Soul Awakening Program

Phase IV will focus on continued foundational support and education for healthy energy management of your awakened soul.

  • We will focus on developing a set of tools and techniques that you can put into action to maintain and build a solid foundation for growth and continued transformation
  • We will embark on a personalized Shamanic Journey with a powerful attunement that will activate your spiritual gifts and solidify the process of transformation
  • Each session will be a 70-minute empowerment session, and you will have unlimited access to me over email and Facebook messenger.

Soul Awakening Program Investment

If you are ready to commit to this program please signup below by selecting your preferred payment plan.

The Soul Awakening Program consists of 12 hour-long sessions that can be spread out over four months or six months if you prefer more time between sessions.

I offer three payment options for Soul Awakening Clients

Pay in Full


Requires payment in full at signing.
Get a Keepsake of your sessions and Two Free Workshops when you pay in full!

6 Monthly Installments


First month payment due at signing.

4 Monthly Installments


First month payment due at signing

If you choose to pay in monthly installments (either 4 or 6 monthly payments), you are still obligated to the full amount of the program ($4800).  

Would You Like to Discuss My Services Before Committing?

If the Soul Awakening Program sounds right for you but you want to talk through all my services and your options please schedule an Intuitive Meet & Greet session.
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