Soul Awakening Program Pricing

Soul Awakening Program

12 Weekly Sessions • $2,400

This is the most empowering way to work dynamically and directly with Spirit to accelerate your healing and expansion process. You will experience a beautiful shift out of being stuck and into flow, so you can reach greater levels of personal success, spiritual connection to ALL and re-energize your vitality and passion for living.

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Self-Empowerment and Life Coaching Pricing

Self-Empowerment & Life Coaching

1 hour • $244

You get highly individualized attention and discover solutions to empowerment in your everyday life to help you shift your perspective from a limited fear-based ego perspective to an empowered outlook.

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Energy Drawing Pricing

Energy Drawings

50 minutes • $333

We will discover your Soul Color and how that correlates to your Soul’s Purpose as well as how you are using or not using your gifts and what is blocking you in this moment from living authentically.

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Galactic Guide Energy Drawing Pricing

Galactic Guide Energy Drawings

50 minutes • $399

Want to know what the frequency of your “Spirit Squad” looks like? You may have a sense of who is guiding you or who is being channeled, but have you ever thought about their energy signature?

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Mini Energy Drawing Pricing

Mini Galactic Guide/Energy Drawing

45 minutes • $165

You will receive a digital copy of drawing and a 30 min Discovery Session where I will share your/spirit guides Soul Frequency Color, Intuitive Gifts, or Messages.

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Shamanic Energy Healing Pricing

Shamanic Energy Healing

50 minutes • $225

Energy Healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these blocks the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

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Intuitive Reading Pricing

Intuitive Reading

50 minutes • $145

I use my intuitive skill set to access extra-sensory information leaving you feeling empowered and more in touch with yourself. Each session is led intuitively and is unique and highly individual.

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