I know you have been waiting to find your tribe… the one that feels like those old familiar jeans you keep around in your closet because they take you back to a time when you were a free spirit. Those moments when you were uninhibited by responsibilities or disempowering thoughts. A time that you felt fierce, strong, and powerful because you were living out loud authentically.

The tribe you seek is here in Omni Empowerment.

Create a peaceful inner world and discover your highest self.

Connect with like-minded Souls who are looking to make lifestyle and empowerment a daily practice.

When you follow the guidance of your higher self, aligning your beliefs with your desires, and activate your energy, you can easily step into greater levels of prosperity and personal empowerment so that you can be, do, and have whatever you want.

You worry about your ability to make good choices.

You question your boundaries.

You want to dig deep to uncover what is holding you back from embracing and achieving your Soul's purpose.

You're here because you want to learn to trust your intuition as well as gain a sense of belonging by connecting with those of like Minds.

I was just like you.

I wanted to establish better overall health and wellness to create a higher level of awareness of my inner and outer world. This newfound awareness left me longing to find a sanctuary where I could rediscover the parts of me that I had lost along the way.

That's why I created
Omni Empowerment.

I have brought together an elite group of leaders that inspire me to be the best version of myself. I find great value in surrounding myself with those who inspire me to live in my authenticity. I want to give you the same permission and platform to be your unique self, in an environment that supports your growth. This group will motivate you to make empowerment a lifestyle because each of us have been exactly where you are.

I Promise You Are Not Alone.

More About Me

I am a lifestyle and self-empowerment coach based in Monterey, CA. Omni Empowerment is an extension of OmniSafira, my brand and coaching platform. I tap into your energy and connect to aspects of your emotional state and psyche which are coming forth to be shared and integrated, for your greater good. Working with me is ACTUALLY life changing.

I bring forth and expose the things you might assume are long gone from your life experience; some of these underlying layers buried so deep that you forgot they are still there. Through this discovery process, you will integrate and clear out these deep-rooted blockages, leading you miles beyond where you are today.

If all you need is a guiding light or gentle nudge to get back on track, I can do so with ease. If you wish to (re)discover the bad-ass, goddess, warrior within, I am the woman for the job. And, if you’re ready to go ALL IN, to do the dirty work, what is necessary to clean, release or transcend, then I am honored to commune with you and help carve out your own path to self discovery as an energy concierge, healer, truth seeker, transmuter and so much more.

I want each of us… all of us, to reap the rewards of our journey towards self-empowerment and living our truth.

Your Tribe Should Feel Like a Home

I grew up in a dysfunctional household that did not embrace my unique flavor. The only form of connection I felt was visiting the Hispanic side of my family in Oklahoma. During those visits, I felt like I belonged and was a part of something bigger than myself which included a love and appreciation for the female body… the curves and the sensual side. We would dance in the kitchen to Kumbias while working, cooking, and preparing a meal for the family. Often these family get-togethers included blocking off the street and inviting everyone on the block to partake. In those moments I felt loved and accepted… like I was home. That is what my tribe, Omni Empowerment, feels like… a home.

I know what it feels like to stand out because you shine so bright.
Omni Empowerment is your sanctuary and you can shine in all your glory.

I’ve loved my experience in the Omni Empowerment group!! There are so many groups out there, and it can get overwhelming, but I’ve remained invested and satisfied with OE from day one! I have gained so much from this group, including tools for my spiritual journey, knowledge about myself and my path, etc. And what I’ve loved the most is the community feel we have and the support that all of us give by holding space for those willing to step up for themselves and be authentically vulnerable. There’s nothing more empowering than that! I’m so grateful that I’ve found this group of beautiful souls

— Shelby Nicole Lane

I am hesitant to write this because I don’t think I could do it justice. Omni empowerment has been EVERYTHING. it has incredibly enhanced my journey, It has kept me HONEST. it has been my journal on the go. Omni empowerment encouraged me to journal more because it’s much more “natural” for us to post a post than to sit down and journal. To me journaling is something I hold ͏way too much pressure over – so instead I’d write a post about my dreams, spiritual work, or even how I’m feeling that day. And the energy exchange from journaling (posting) in the group is a gift in its self. You feel understood and heard far before any comments or reactions. The group is actually a tribe. Everyone in there is aligned in path. It’s hard to describe, having a home over the internet. This group was the first place I drew cards for people. I have shared lots of raw moments and have read/seen even more. That authentic exchange is priceless. The encouragement and acceptance is priceless. It lights a fire under you when you find a space like this.

— Jaclyn Leona Bell

I just want to say that it’s been a real privilege to be a part of the Omni Empowerment Group on Facebook! Here I have been able to grow internally and I have been able to explore myself in a safe environment. I have felt valued and not judged for what I bring from my souls journey I’ve experienced. Everyone here has something to share which is empowering and up lifting for growth and expansion. I feel honoured to be a part of Omni Empowerment an I am grateful for the new friends I have made within this group.

— Katie Howard

Why Omni Empowerment?

Because I know you will fall in love with Omni Empowerment I want to offer you a 30-day free trial to see if we are the right fit.

Each month Omni Empowerment will give you exclusive access to:

  • Authentic Connection
  • 2 Moon Calls Monthly
  • Dream Interpretation
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  • Weekly Intuitive Reading
  • Live Music Sessions with ElementalMelodies
  • Sacred Relationship w/Safira & Gerald Vinci
  • The Balanced Man Roundtable Discussions
  • Early Bird Pricing on Workshops
  • Daily Lifestyle Practices to Support Growth
  • Monthly Guest Speaker
  • And Much More

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It’s time to leave behind all that is not serving you for your highest good and start living life on your terms! Join Omni Empowerment today and develop the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned with a support system of beautiful souls you won’t find anywhere else.

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