How a Psychic Intuitive Reading Works

An Intuitive Reading is different for everyone.

During an intuitive reading I use my skill sets which include shamanic intuition, telepathic information from your spirit guides, ascended masters, past life memories, sensory perception of your energy fields, and divination tools (such as oracle cards, runes, and pendulums) to access the messages you need to feel more empowered and more in touch with your authentic self.

Every session is led intuitively and is unique for your individual needs. For some, an intuitive reading may feel like a “therapy” session while others may see it more as psychic surgery. Our energies collaborate, and together we create a session that was intended for you alone.

Psychic Intuitive Reading vs. Fortune Telling

An intuitive reading is a very different type of session than fortune telling. I am not a fortune teller and do not read the future. Because we each have free will, the future is not certain. I tap in and focus on your unique energetic thumbprint. Together we use this information to empower you to understand and use your own intuitive powers to access your own inner-knowing and becoming intimately familiar with your authentic self. I am not here to “fix” or “heal” you but help facilitate your own ability to heal from within.

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What does an Empowered You look like?

Types of Questions to Ask?

When booking a session, it is always best to set your intentions prior to our session. This means, have a question or situation in mind that you’d like to address so we can work together to bring clarity, perspective, and insight which empowers you to listen to your own intuition.

Here are some examples of the type of questions or concerns you may bring to a psychic intuitive reading:

  • Questions about a business or career move
  • Love and relationship concerns
  • Family dynamics such as issues with parents, children, your own childhood, or more
  • Fears and mental blocks which are holding you back
  • Energy blocks or emotional or physical trauma
  • And much more

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