What We Can Uncover

During our initial discovery session, I dig deep to uncover your greatest strengths and weaknesses including:

  • Soul frequency color and vibration
  • Deep-rooted belief patterns
  • Physical and emotional issues
  • Chakra misalignment and blockages
  • Your unique gifts

Moving Forward

After our discovery session, we will develop practical tools to heal and reclaim your power including:

  • Clarity about your specific color frequency
  • Utilizing your soul color to positively impact your life
  • Establish new, healthy behavior and belief systems
  • Bringing Chakras back into alignment attuning to your life’s purpose

When we know what our soul gift is, it gives us a Flawless inner compass that will always point to True North so we can align with our deepest desires and highest values.

Each drawing is channeled from Source energy and highly unique to the client. A drawing taps into specific areas of the client’s life story and will help break up old, negative patterns that are holding them back from experiencing inner peace, expansion and the joy and freedom that comes from knowing who you really are and what you are meant to do in this world. When you shift your vibration and energy to the highest, brightest potential, Miracles can happen!

Energy Drawing Examples

Energy Drawing Options

Energy Drawing Pricing

Energy Drawings – Full Size

75 minutes • $333

We will discover your Soul Color and how that correlates to your Soul’s Purpose as well as how you are using or not using your gifts and what is blocking you in this moment from living authentically.

Mini Energy Drawing Pricing

Mini Energy Drawing

45 minutes • $165

Standard Mini or Chakra Mini Drawing – You will receive a digital copy of drawing and a 30 min Discovery Session where I will share your/spirit guides Soul Frequency Color, Intuitive Gifts, or Messages.